November 14, 2011
Change doesn’t happen over-night

Yep. I’ve established a pretty basic thought that has been available to mankind since we created time. BUT, I still found it. The reason I kept believing that things will change over night is because I once had what I want now. I used to be able to keep track of my life, my time and my responsibilities. So, I’ve been waiting to wake up one morning and feel that way again, thinking if I kept telling myself to be a certain way it would be ingenuine. WRONG, I was probably just masking laziness.

I’ve decided to start actively make improvements. I’m going to take it 3 steps at a time, and not move on to the next 3 steps until the current three are solidified. And if I move on, but fail, I must go back.

It’s time to admit losses when they happen, and embrace honest attempts. Cause no one can blame you for just being honest. And if there is one thing I’ve been avoiding, it’s honesty.

So here’s to the first 3 steps to a better, more efficient lifestyle. Because if I can’t solve my own problems, how will I ever solve the ones in my engineering curriculum?

They’re already in process and working.

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